La Biga

it is a pre-ferment which, in the dough creation phase, replaces the common yeast. The advantages deriving from the use of the biga are: the high digestibility of the dough, truer and more intense flavors. The biga is created with water, yeast and type 1 flour with wheat germ and left to ferment between 6 and 20 hours at controlled temperatures.

The dough

A tasty and highly digestible pizza is based on a dough prepared with care and attention; Al Cantagallo is made by combining the fermented Biga with type 0 flour with wheat germ, water and oil. During processing, this is hydrated up to 70% and left to rise at controlled temperatures for 72 hours.

The wheat germ

Wheat germ is the most precious part of the grain, the natural casket that contains all the taste and aroma of freshly harvested wheat.