Beers on tap

Forst Kronen

Origin: Italy
Style: Export
Fermentation: Low
Color: Straw yellow

cl 30 € 4,00

Menabrea Rossa Doppio Malto

Origin: Italy
Style: Bock
Fermentation: Low
Color: Red

cl 30 € 5,00

Forst Felsenkeller

Origin: Italy
Style: Kellerbier
Fermentation: Low
Color: Veiled gold

cl 30 € 4,50


Bottled beers


Brewery: Vertiga
Origin: Italy
Fermentation: High
Style: Belgian blond ale
Color: Golden
Notes: Robust beer, with a mature and slightly alcoholic character.
With notes of ripe fruit, candied fruit and citrus.
Fruity aroma (ripe pears), notes of malt honey
they go well with cereal and yeast.

cl 75 € 15,00


Brewery: Vertiga
Origin: Italy
Fermentation: High
Style: Amber ale
Color: Amber-coppery brown
Notes: Medium body, delicate caramel malt notes
they combine with a light herbaceous and floral note.
Moderate hints of hops and malt.

cl 75 € 15,00

Weihenstephaner Vitus

Origin: Germany
Fermentation: High
Style: Weizen Bock
Color: Sheer blonde
Notes: Rich in yeast, it amazes the nose and palate
for its fruity and spicy scents, in particular they are
highlighted fruity notes of dried apricots and banana
and pleasant spicy nuances of carnation flowers.

cl 50 € 6,00

Estrella Galicia Senza Glutine

Origin: Spain
Fermentation: Low
Style: Special Lager (gluten-free)
Color: Bright golden
Notes: On the palate it is neutral and light, with a marked
nuance of hops. Notes of barley and malt, toasted hints.

cl 33 € 4,00

Forst 0,0%

Origin: Italy
Fermentation: Low
Style: Lager
Color: Bright gold
Notes: Delicate aroma with pleasant notes of hops.
Characterized by pleasant notes of hops, this beer
It has a full and balanced taste.
A full-bodied beer, despite the 0.0% alcohol content.

cl 33 € 4,00